Our Services

Supplier Solutions
At Gambles, we believe in partnering with only the best grower/shippers to ensure consistent quality and product supplies throughout the seasons. This translates to industry-high fill rates for our customers and a shared approach to securing volumes back to our suppliers. As one of the largest produce wholesalers/distributors in Canada, Gambles supports healthy and profitable grower returns, leading to strong category performance.

Our broad logistics network provides support to smaller grower/shippers in areas where assistance is required. Gambles is also a strong supporter of locally grown produce, and extends marketing & sales services to many farmers as well.

If you require more information on the following services, please contact your Gambles commodity buyer.

  • Category management
  • Exclusivity agreements
  • Marketing expertise
  • Promos and demos
  • Volume commitments
  • Industry high returns
  • 3PL services
  • Distribution services
  • Transportation services
  • Forward distribution