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Canada: Medium size watermelons from Mexico

Originally published in FreshPlaza ( on April 29, 2015

TORONTO, ON - "Our watermelons are sourced in Mexico, from the Ermosillo region in the Senora province,” says Sarah Burroughsford with Gambles Produce. This is the main growing region for watermelons right now. “However, as the season progresses, we will have produce from Florida, moving upward to Georgia. Later in the season, we will see good supplies coming out of Texas and Oklahoma.” Depending on price, availability and quality, Gambles sources from various growers/shippers in North, Central and South America. This allows the company to provide year-round watermelon supply.

Small watermelons preferred
“We mainly carry the round seedless variety, a smaller type watermelon,” said Burroughsford. “Opposite to the European consumer, the Sangria variety is almost gone in the Canadian marketplace. In Europe, it is still considered the ‘King’ of watermelon as they grow to be as large as 40-45 lbs. each. It’s too big for the size of today’s family,” she added.

The Canadian consumer prefers small watermelons that are easy to store and eliminate clutter in the refrigerator. “As a result, we are seeing a significant increase of personal watermelon sales,” said Burroughsford. Current sizing from Mexico is medium. With an average weight ranging from 11 to 13 lbs, this size perfectly meets the Canadian consumer’s needs. Gambles is getting ready for one of its peak periods for watermelon sales, the weekend of May 17 (Victoria Day).


For more information please contact:
Sarah Burroughsford - Sales & Marketing
Gambles Ontario Produce Inc.