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Gambles and Total Produce create strategic partnership

February 3, 2015 – TORONTO, ON – Total Produce PLC of Dublin, Ireland has agreed to purchase a 50 percent share in Gambles Ontario Produce Inc., a Toronto, Ontario distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables.

“This partnership with Total Produce will enable us to grow strategically to the benefit of our growers and customers,” said Jeff Hughes, president at Gambles Produce. “We will continue to operate autonomously but will have the support of Total Produce and their global affiliations alongside us.”

Gambles Produce is a leading fresh produce distribution company that services customers throughout eastern Canada. It operates out of two facilities; the Ontario Food Terminal Market and a 65,000ft2 distribution centre in Toronto. Their comprehensive delivery-based system is unparalleled in Ontario, servicing independent retail, wholesale, and foodservice operators throughout the province on a daily basis.

Total Produce is Europe’s premier fresh produce provider. Growing, sourcing, importing, packaging, distributing and marketing over 200 lines of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers, the Total Produce group distributes 300 million cartons of fresh produce to the retail, wholesale, foodservice and processing sectors across Europe and North America annually. It employs more than 4,000 people in over 100 locations across 20 different countries.

This acquisition continues to expand Total Produce’s North American reach. Their initial introduction to this continental market was in 2013 when they acquired shares in The Oppenheimer Group, based in Vancouver, BC.

Gambles Produce vice president of sales Tom Kioussis sees a natural fit between the two groups and commented that, “We see this as a great opportunity for our team to continue to learn, develop and explore new opportunities to collaborate with other produce professionals around the world.” Kioussis added, “This will provide our team with opportunities to share new and innovative best-in-class operating practices.”

It will be “business as usual”, says Hughes. The industry can expect the same high quality experience they have always had with Gambles Produce.

“Our day-to-day interactions with our customers and growers will not change,” he said. “We will remain the same ‘Gambles’ that our friends in the industry know and enjoy doing business with. If anything, our relationships should only strengthen with new synergies we have with Total Produce" 


For more information please contact:
Tom Kioussis - Vice President Sales & Marketing
Gambles Ontario Produce Inc.