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Chilean Fresh Fruit kicks off the season at the Ontario Food Terminal

Chilean fruit season starts off with a bang with the second annual kick off event held at Gambles Produce.

TORONTO, ON - Customers visiting the Gambles Market at the Ontario Food Terminal early morning on January 26 were greeted and entertained by a soccer freestyler. "Soccer is a favourite Chilean pastime, and in light of the Copa cup winning for Chile, we feel this is a fun idea to bring a taste of Chile to customers at the market" says Susanne Bertolas, Eastern Canada Merchandiser for the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA). "This promotion goes hand in hand with the ongoing "Feeling Chile" campaign in Eastern Canada" said Bertolas.

 Chile Blueberry Muffins ... The most Bluetiful time of the Year!

Kicking off the season with Soccer Freestyler and freshly baked Chilean Blueberry Muffins.

During the performance, Bertolas handed out fresh Chilean blueberry muffins while discussing opportunities with retailers to bring a taste of Chile to their stores.

This early morning event is one of several planned in the Greater Toronto area to promote the start of the Chilean fruit season.

The Ontario Produce Marketing Association sponsored a blueberry segment on a morning TV show with Shannon Crocker that showcased Chilean blueberries. More TV spots will appear in Kitchener CHCH with Chef D preparing Plums and BT TV Marilyn Smith in Toronto discussing usage ideas for Grapes. Customers can also look for new "Tasty" videos as well on the Produce Made Simple website.

Local in-store and online retail promotions include contests at Vince’s Market, which ask Social Media fans to post their favorite way of getting healthy with a chance to win a fit bit for February Heart Month.

Customers are invited to enter the "Text to Win" contest by sending 'FeelChile' to 647-800-0330. All messages automatically enter you to contest to win a Vitamix!

Sarah Borroughsford, Susanne Bertolas, Cristina Arinez

Sarah Burroughsford of Gambles Produce with Susanne Bertolas and Cristina Arinez of the CFFA

You can find Chilean Fresh Fruit in all your favourite grocery stores with Tastings happening throughout February and March. Longo's Markets will be promoting the coveted Muscat Grapes - with only a limited supply, you wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to try these Old World Charm Floral tasting grapes from Chile.

In addition, Fruits from Chile also collaborated with Instabuggy  (, an online grocery delivery service promoting recipes of Chilean fruit. Get Fruits from Chile delivered straight to your door in 1 hour.

These are only a few of the promotions taking place across the country! Ask your retailer for Chilean Fruit and get a Taste Of Summer and start FEELING CHILE


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