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Snoboy Now Seen on More Canadian Highways

Scottsdale, AZ - A lot more people are seeing Snoboy these days as he travels around Canadian highways emblazoned on the trailers of Gambles Ontario Produce located in Toronto. 

Gambles has distributed Snoboy produce since 1989, when it acquired the Canadian produce operations from Food Services of America

Michael "Jake" Jacobs, Amerifresh Vice President of Supply Chain, says the trailers act as rolling billboards for select brands that Gambles sells in their marketplace.   

"It’s exciting to be considered one of the core vendors of Gambles and also to know that Gambles feels that it is important to get the Snoboy brand more recognition in their marketplace which includes Toronto and Montreal," he says.

At more than 90 years old, Snoboy is an icon symbolizing the best fresh produce available. To see Snoboy's proud history, go here.